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Happy Holidays

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to stuff a gargantuan poultry with the remains of another animal and let it sit in its own juices inside a decidedly hot compartment for three and a half hours before taking it out and placing it in the centerpiece of the dining table to commemorate the valiant effort in procuring the beast from the jaws of the frozen food section of the local supermarket and then ceremonially butchering it into slices of delicious, tender roast meat.

Happy Holidays.


It was Christmas Eve, our last day in Copenhagen. The weather was being commendably consistent in its disinterest towards the drizzle of tourists remaining in the town. We were hungry and without options, as the Danes are not as resourceful as the Chinese – the great businessmen who never close on holidays but who unfortunately lack much presence in Scandinavia.

This doesn’t happen very often, but the French saved the day that day.

The oldest café in Copenhagen had decided that Christmas Eve was no reason for slacking and displaying familial weakness. We weren’t complaining though, as we stepped through the facade into the cozy bosom of a quintessentially Parisian affair – the air seemed to be infused with a warm gold tint, from the candles and the brass installations. It was only after we had sat down and ordered that I came to my revelation.

Ever wondered why the Reddit Secret Santa exchange program is so successful? It’s simple – because to know someone really well, all you need is their subscribed subreddit list. This will tell you more about them than years of interaction. Now, if you were to browse my subreddit list, you might notice that I’m subscribed to /r/minimalism, and you wouldn’t be wrong to conclude the following –

I enjoy minimalism.

Most of you will know that Scandinavia is synonymous with minimalist design. I knew my tastes leaned in that direction, but I never really thought about why. Sitting at that café, surrounded by the golden, glamorous glitz, I finally understood.

It is the choice between pretension and authenticity.

It is the choice between flamboyance and simplicity.

It is the choice between unsustainable and sustainable living.

Suddenly, there was a common thread to everything – my distaste for the consumerist culture; my enjoyment of minimalism and Apple products; my love for clean and beautiful mathematics proofs; this fine establishment of a website.

But your mileage may vary.

You may come home enlightened about yourself, albeit drenched in rain. Or you wont, albeit a few pounds heavier. If I were not enamored of minimalism, I probably would have found Copenhagen rather lacking as a tourist destination. As such, I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Airbnb residence that was as minimalist as you can imagine.


Really though, too bad about the weather. I probably would have adored this city – it’s called the foodie mecca, after all. Now all I remember is holding an umbrella indoors because I was so used to it.

What you really came here for

What’s a travel post without any reviews?

Nyhaven (New Haven, anyone?) ★★★★☆
Malmö, Sweden ★★★☆☆
Smoked Salmon ★★★★★
Christmas markets ★☆☆☆☆
Noma (the best restaurant in the world) ? ? ? ? ? ?
Little Mermaid ★☆☆☆☆ *

* So I’ve heard.